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 About Me

Welcome! My name is Jonathan Rodgers and I am a creative with a passion for designing natural and whimsical spaces within whatever project I am working on. This ranges from home DIY projects to photographing a  wedding. My journey started 8 years ago when I took an interest in photography with with my parent's camera. Ever since then I have loved growing in my skills and experiencing what photography has to offer! My style has been inspired by my love for nature and the natural world. This has resulted in a very earthy, natural vibe that I create uniquely to each project that I work on. The most important part about my photography, however, is you! It's so great to meet you! Well at least kind of meet you... I hope to meet you soon in person :) I am so thrilled that you are considering me for your photography/videography needs! Please contact me below and I will respond to you soon. I look forward to hearing from you!

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